OSL Broker Support

At OSL we understand that part of providing a solution is providing the support that comes with it. Just as you build relationships with your clients we must build relationships with ours.

Latest Version January 2017


All of our programs come with a help menu. If you have a question whilst using any osl software simply press f1 and the help menu will appear.


All registered users are entitled to free e-mail support, if you need to contact us please send an e-mail to support@osl.co.nz .


Shadow - For online software, it is possible for a support member to view your connected session (view OSL applications only) to see what exactly the help required maybe and provide assistance.

VNC – We offer a virtual network connection which allows you to connect to your machine to one of our support team member and work with you one on one at your computer.

Both remote support methods may also be used in educational contexts, for example to allow you to view your computer screen while it is being manipulated by the instructor. Which method to use will be determined by the support team member depending on the situation.


If you have any suggestions regarding program enhancements then please fill in the OSL Suggestion Formand submit to us.

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