OSL 'sneak peek' video

Showcase your listings in a better way.
OSL Video easily creates a video file from your listing images. Select your template, add image captions and select your background sound track. Your video file will be created and added to your website automatically.
Our videos give you crisp, sharp, clean, and great for mobile, tablets computers and TVs. Stream them from your website in 720p HD or download the file to play from your computer.

Sample Soundtracks

Visitors to your OSL website should stay on your website, don't send them off to YouTube. Now with OSL Video you can show full HD embedded videos on your website.


Professional templates
Add captions to your images
High quality back ground music


Select your listing, select your template, and add your image captions. Then click the order button. We aim to add your video within 24 hours. We will send you an email when your Video is available.


Each Video file costs 1 credit. You can purchase OSL Video credits in lots of 5, 10 or 20. You can purchase your Credits from the Video screen.

Template - Plain

Template - Sky

Template - Blocks

Template - Lines

Template - Mosaic

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