OSL Broker

OSL Broker is a software solution for managing loan and mortgage applications. The software is designed to manage the loan application process from the initial inquiry through to a successful loan being made. Including the broker lenders 'commission'.

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Easy to use

Simple 'Click Through' buttons ensure quick and trouble-free navigation around the program.
Multiple Lenders
The OSL Broker system is designed to operate either from a central location or stand alone. Ideally suited to a brokerage providing multiple lender options.


All mortgage applications are created in the system by the Broker, when completed the Broker simply prints out the applications or send via Adobe Acrobat® the completed application to the proposed Lender. Options for multiple lenders, with rates and mortgage criteria. Automatic gross p.a. income conversion to net monthly earnings. Automatic debt to equity calculations to a specific lenders requirements Automatic calculation of earnings to lender's earning requirements

Database (CRM)

Generate repeat business by managing your clients and prospects. Maintain applicant Prospect and Client databases. Client database automatically updated with a successful application Client grouping by job, income or area available. Automatic mail merging to MS Word® Extensive filtering and sorting of both prospects and clients by job, income or region.


Maintain a database of your referrals, for example: real estate agents or solicitors.

Financial Calculators

Multiple loan mortgage management, e.g. 80/20 flat and interest only Loan, Interest rate 'what if' calculator, sell buy costs, savings targets, Yield.


The corporate module provides for a complete management of the commission income received by the Broker on a successful mortgage application. From invoicing the Lender, Receipting the commission and paying the Brokers.

osl broker


Registered users receive free e-mail support and program updates.


OSL Broker is licensed per user. The license is non-transferable.


OSL Broker

Available as a subscription service.

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